Moselle river and its offers

Freetime/gastronomy in Erden

Climbing and Hiking

➔ Traben-Trarbach (Mont Royal): climbing park with different difficulty levels

➔ Erden: hiking trail in 3 levels zur Burgberghöhe

➔ Bernkastel-Kues: "Bärensteig" – hiking trail; 6.5km length


Ship tours

➔ Moselle river cruises


Swimming pools

➔ Bernkastel-Kues

➔ Traben-Trarbach (swim & spa)

➔ Kröv (outdoor pool)


Wine Tasting

➔ you can book a wine tasting in our house on demand



➔ with pleasure, we will recommend you a selection of restaurants



- Römische Keltenanlage

- Waldkapelle Erden 

- Pfarrkirchen Erden/Lösnich

- Bernkastel Altstadt

- Cusanusstift

- Weinmetropole Traben-Trarbach

- Burgberghöhe